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Cultural Program

Art and Craft: “Creativity does not wait for the other person to come first.” Creativity pervades all human activities – academic, recreational or otherwise. Art is a means to mould it. It is the most raw and original form to express and enjoy the various colours of life. Unique as these exquisite colours is the Art Activity Club of our school. The Club, holds continual and successful activities. By discovering the hidden talents of the students and boosting their self confidence, the Club creates new methods to bring out the innovative, creative, enthusiastic and active participation of the students.

Dance: Dance at Presentation Modern Public Inter College inculcates the aspects of commanding a fascinating world of imagination. Fusion of classical and folk dances jot downs the various chapters and stages of our history and which thereby, motivates students to know more about the diversified Indian culture. The school also organizes stage performances for social causes such as for the inmates of SOS – Bawana, Tihar jail, old age homes, etc. The dance fest which is held every year is highly appreciated by all.

Rangoli: Rangoli and Alpana are the two traditional decoration art taught in the school. Students are given an awareness of the different floor decoration arts practiced in different states of India. They learn to select designs according to the mood and theme of the occasion for which it is done. Students also learn to combine colours and show projection in their artwork. Through this art, the students get a chance to show their creativity.

Students are encouraged to use inexpensive materials like dyed sawdust, zinc oxide and gheru to make the designs. The use of flower petals and food material is discouraged. Diyas and accessories are used to give a final and festive look.

This colourful art is displayed by students on all festive occasions and to welcome special guests on special occasions.

Tour: As part of our awareness programme for students, educational trips and excursions are organized every year. These trips are organized so that the students learn to:

Inculcate the spirit of adventure and enthusiasm.
Inculcate the habit of self-dependence, co-operation, confidence and responsibility.
Get a chance to explore, enjoy, admire and take care of our surroundings and thereby enhance their horizon and knowledge.
Get a chance to know and learn about different cultures, languages, living and food habits of people in different states.

Eco tours are organized to bring students closer to nature and learn to take care of the environment. This also gives them a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of life as well as from the polluted environment. During these eco-tours, various games and activities related to enhancing their knowledge and love for environment are organized.